• Bathroom Remodeling

    Lately, homeowners are paying more attention to the style of the bathroom spaces, as they want to begin and end their day in a bathroom that is modern, beautiful, and functional. They are looking for bright and relaxing spaces that serve the purpose of not just being a bathroom but being an oasis and a spa-like retreat. Even though bathrooms tend to be the most outdated rooms in a house, we help our customers realize their vision. As with all of our projects we take care of all aspects of the bathroom renovation.

    Before beginning a Bathroom Remodeling project many decisions need to be made and we help our customers choose the options that will best complement their home and style. The following are a few questions we go over before each project:

    • What is the overall style we want?
    • What materials go together to achieve the look we want?
    • What kind of flooring should we use?
    • Should we put in heated floors?
    • Should the shower be zero entry?
    • Should the shower have frameless glass?
    • Do we want a bathtub?
    • Should we install a double or single vanity?
    • What finishes should the fixtures have?

    At Copernicus Home Creations we will be standing by and helping our customers with any questions that may arise during bathroom remodeling project.