• Kitchen Remodeling

    Kitchen Remodeling is by far the most popular type of project we have completed in the Atlanta area over the past several years. A new high-quality kitchen is always a great investment as it enlivens the heart of a home and it significantly increases the property value. At Copernicus Home Creations we specialize in bringing every Atlanta area kitchen into the 21st century with style, quality, and functionality as our main focus.  

    Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling in Atlanta:

    • Creates a satisfying and enjoyable space for homeowners
    • Increases functionality of the space
    • Increases efficiency and provides a new, modern look with new appliances and fixtures 
    • Increases storage capacity with new cabinets and drawers 
    • Improves marketability of the property if/when selling the house
    • Significantly increases the value of the home 

    Our services related to Kitchen Remodeling in Atlanta include:

    • Variety of cabinets, door styles, and colors that appeal to both traditional and modern kitchen owners 
    • Countertops chosen from many different options (marble, quartz, granite) highlighting kitchen space and providing durable and virtually maintenance-free working space 
    • Wide-ranging tile options for backsplash which satisfy even the most particular homeowners tastes 
    • Flooring possibilities are varied as well, depending on homeowners preferences, flooring in the kitchen can be hardwood, tile, laminate, stone etc. 
    • Island or peninsula options (very popular in Atlanta kitchens) provide families more informal space for food preparation, dining, and entertaining
    • Huge selection of new appliances that help save time and conserve energy
    • Updated lighting which gives kitchen a bright, spacious feel, and sophisticated look